Thank you for joining us this July

To begin with I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has signed up to our July challenge. Thank you for supporting Mum Runner and our selected charity this month, the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

On your order confirmation email there is a link to download the full challenge document.

We have included above our grid of running objectives for July. The first completed row of objectives (horizontally), becomes your super power.. You can complete more than one row and prove your superhero status, however it is the first completed row that you can claim as your superpower.

Please note it is up to you to track these objectives. We suggest printing out this grid and putting it in a visible spot (like your fridge!) so you can track your progress and be familiar with all of the objectives over the month.

The “Alter Ego” row will involve you sharing on Facebook. Please post in our Mum Runner Monthly Running Challenges group for these objectives. I will be posting the Superhero Names in there too.so please keep an eye out for those.

It is our desire that you will have fun with this challenge and embrace the inner super hero that we know you all possess to stay motivated and enjoy the month of running. Once registrations close we will announce the donation amount to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Please share your super hero journey with us as much as possible so we can support and encourage one another… because let’s face it, every super hero needs a sidekick or a squad!

Have fun and again a huge thank you for supporting our small business.

Sandy Whitmarsh
Mum Runner

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