About Us

About Mum Runner

How we started

Mum Runner’s started because a group of us, who shared a love for running, had some extra weight to lose. We wanted to create a group to support one another with our weight loss. Initially we followed a weight loss program, however loving running as we did, we found it interfered with our running plans and so instead chose to focus on staying active through running.

Our group then switched to virtual runs.

Initially we charged, $5 to enter our runs and gave the money back in prize money to our top runners or those who achieved all the objectives of the running challenge. As time went on, and our numbers grew, we decided to make the switch to give to charity.

Nowadays, each month we theme our challenge run with an Australia charity. Part of our registrations fees goes towards this selected charity. We aim to give $5 as a minimum but have donated up to $10 per entry for some challenges. We will always state how much of your entry goes towards charity, as well as our final amount raised from a month’s challenge.


Our group is primarily from Australia however we have some runner’s from all over the world in the group.

Our challenges are available to everyone, not just “mum runners”. All women, men and children are welcome to enter our challenges.

Get in Touch:

If you want to get in touch, you can do so through our facebook page or group.

You can also chat with us through our page or send us an email.