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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to this section for all medal related information.


When will I receive my medal?

Medals are posted at the conclusion of the event month. This means if your event is in January, the medals will be posted at the beginning of February, and so on.

The reason for the medals being posted at the end of the event, is because we only order our medals once our registrations close. As we close registrations on the last day of the month prior to the event, we then order the medals. The medals take time to manufacture and then ship.


Will I receive notification my medal has been shipped?

Yes, when your medal is posted your order status changes from processing to completed and we send you an email. Occasionally these emails end up in junk/spam folders so please ensure you have added to your safelist. We promise not to spam you with unnecessary emails.


How long do medals take to arrive after you have posted them?

All our medals are shipped by Australia Post, therefore the answer to this is dependant on the volumes being experienced by Australia Post. If you are within WA, the medal should arrive within 1-3 business days. If you are within Australia but outside of WA, they generally take up to 1-2 weeks.

Overseas medals take much longer to arrive. At the moment they seem to be arriving within 3-4 weeks.


What do I do if my medal never arrives, or it is damaged?

If your medal fails to arrive, or it arrives broken, please send an email to If it is outside of regular delivery times, then we will endeavour to send you a replacement. If we cannot offer a replacement, we will do our best to provide a refund.

How to Submit your Runs

The easiest and most effective way to submit your run is to provide your strava athlete link at checkout. This will enable us to track your runs through strava.

If you have a private account we will need you to accept our follower request on Strava.

If you do not use Strava, then you can submit a screenshot of your run either via Facebook  messenger or to our email,

We encourage all our participants to join our facebook group Monthly Running Challenges and share their runs towards their challenge progress in the group.

Why do you use Strava?

Strava is free to use. You can download the app without having a running watch and it will work and track your runs. You can also set up Strava to sync with your running watch (if it is bluetooth enabled).


How do I find my strava athlete link?

If you log in to strava on a desktop computer or laptop then the Strava Athlete Link is the website link to your profile.

Step 1: login to strava

Step 2: click on “My Profile

Step 3: copy the link in the web browser window. This is  your athlete link.

For example, Mum Runner’s Strava link is:

Please note you must complete these steps on the full website and not through the app.


How do I link my running watch to Strava?

Please ask Google! Both Garmin and Fitbit provide a very simple linking process. If you google the steps you will find it easy enough to connect your watch. Of course your watch must be bluetooth enabled.