Mum Runner Ambassadors

Ambassador Cass

State: Queensland

Recent Accomplishements: GC30

Advice for 2021

Life is stressful, full on and some times, down right horrible. But we need to focus, to keep on our goals, and be free, and just run…

Instagram: kitty_cass_runs

Ambassador Hayley

State: Australian Capital Territory

Ambassador Bek

State: Australian Capital Territory

Ambassador Marian

State: South Australia

Ambassador Mel

State: Queensland


Ambassador Rita

State: Victoria

Recent Accomplishments: First Ultramarathon at UTA 50km

Advice for 2021

You don’t have to be fast, just determined.

Instagram: @rita.busuttil.7

Ambassador Darlene

State: Queensland

Ambassador Jannine

State: Tasmania

My Last event was The Launceston Running Festival…
I love the small events but I’m no stranger to the Half.
My Advice: Don’t take life too seriously and have fun… cause you only get one shot at it.

Instagram: tiger_eyes_74

Ambassador Michelle

State: New South Wales

Recent Accomplishments: UTA 50km

In the last 12 months I’ve done two ultras, a 36k, and have a 25k coming up, along with a road marathon, then a 100km next year.

Advice for 2021.

I still have to push hard for a sub 30 Parkrun but I believe instead of being fixated on the numbers focus on the goal or finish line at the end. Never, ever underestimate the value and importance of a running buddy and the running community. Real and virtual. It’s a valuable bond.

Instagram: @shell_run_run_run_76

Ambassador Natalee

State: New South Wales

“Mum Runner” Sandy

State: Western Australia

Instagram: @mum_runner_sandy

Ambassador Merran

State: Australian Capital Territory

Recent Accomplishments: UTA 22