42.2ks in 4.2 Days event info

42.2ks in 4.2 Days event info

42.2ks in 4.2 days Event Information

Thank you for registering for our 42.2k in 4.2 days challenge supporting the Heart Foundation of Australia.

You have the entire month of October to complete our challenge but your 42.2ks must be completed within the consecutive 100 hours time limit.


  • You can complete your kms by running, walking, riding or swimming or by a combination of all four.
  • You have 100 hours from the beginning of your first challenge activity to complete the 42.2ks. Please note we do not expect you to begin immediately and you can choose to start at any time in October
  • Treadmills and stationary bike kms are permitted but must be recorded/tracked
  • If you begin the challenge but don’t get the kms completed within the timeframe you can start again but your kms will reset to 0.
  • To receive your medal you should be able to provide evidence of the completed activities either via Strava or another fitness app (runkeeper, garmin connect, fitbit etc).
  • If you have registered for the pairs option, you only need to complete 21.1kms each. Please note you need to complete these within the same 4.2 days as your pair so you should both begin on the same day and that is the start of your 100 hours. You do not need to finish them on the same day as your pair but you both should finish within the 100 hours.

Please let Mum Runner know when you have completed your kms so we can verify them and ship your medal. If you do not do this then your medal will ship at the conclusion of the challenge month. You can do this via email to admin@mumrunner.com or via Facebook Messenger.

Mum Runner has a team on the Heart Foundation’s My Marathon website. You can find it here. There is no requirement to join this team however you are very welcome to register and do your own fundraising. Please note if you do register that this is an initiative of the Heart Foundation and you will be giving your details to the Heart Foundation and they may contact you. We are hoping to reach $2000 in fundraising and are currently sitting at $1538.

We would love it if you would consider inviting a friend to join in the challenge this month. Registrations are still open and we have plenty of entries left.

If you have any other questions please reach out to us.

Good luck!

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