2020 Mum Runner Ambassadors

2020 Mum Runner Ambassadors

Mum Runner is looking for an ambassador (or ambassadors) for 2020. This ambassador would be involved in the promotion of our Mum Runner challenges and would help to grow and support our online community.

What you will get:

  • Free Mum Runner Singlet, Visor and Buff
  • Free entry into all of our challenge for 1 year.
  • Entries for some of our challenges to ‘giveaway’
  • 1 Free race entry of your choice

Who should apply:
People who are passionate about running and like to promote both the sport and the causes that we support. We are looking for an ambassador who is friendly and who is happy to share their running journey with us. Please note you DO NOT need to be an ‘elite’ runner to apply.

You may also be asked for feedback towards the development of our challenges, to provide ‘race reports’ (for the free paid race entry) and other blog posts.

Who shouldn’t apply:
People that just want ‘free stuff’

Please send us an email to admin@mumrunner.com with the following details.

  1. Please share a bit about your running journey so far (how often you run, why you run etc)
  2. What are your running goals in 2020?
  3. Have you completed any of our Mum Runner challenges?
  4. Do you have any running related social media platforms? If so please share the details (instagram, facebook, twitter, strava)
  5. Are you active in any running communities or clubs (either online or local)?
  6. Why you think you would make a good ambassador for Mum Runner?
  7. Tell us about yourself

All responses will remain confidential.


  • Cassandra underwood Posted October 27, 2019 9:07 am

    I would LOVE to be an ambassador. I started running in March this year, and have absolutely loved it! Running is my time, time to focus, time to regroup and time to socialize. I have 7 kids, so keeping sane is important.

    Parkrun is essential every week, as well as my much loved mum runner events!

    I think I’d make a great Ambassador, as I am great at motivating people, and getting them involved. I would love to set up some social runs, event runs and awards runs for handing out medals to local participants!

    I have a Facebook page, and Instagram both called kitty_cass_runs and regularly share events when I can.

    I am not part of a local running group, but I am an rma, and Brissie running women, and my Parkrun communities and I admin a group called QLD running tribe.

    I have been a part of mum runner challenges for a few months now, and cannot wait to do more. Motivation, raising money for various charities and getting friends involved is what it’s all about!!

  • Patricia Pollock Posted October 27, 2019 12:11 pm

    I love running . This year i have compl 3 half ma and 1 trail run challeng at the mments i have knee PRoblem and hsven’t Run for a couple of week.

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