RIBBIT #2 – Easter Egg Hunt

RIBBIT #2 – Easter Egg Hunt

Have you ever wanted to go on a guilt free Easter Egg hunt where you can gather as many eggs as you like and not have to worry about how many calories you will be consuming?

Well now, you can.

Sort of.

Stay with us here.

This Easter long weekend, we want you to go hunting for eggs and bunnies. In order to find these eggs and bunnies you will need to have a Strava account. Strava, for those who don’t know, is a free platform for tracking your activities. It links with your fitness tracker and you can upload your runs, track your progress, kudos other athletes and so much more.

Strava also has this fun feature called Segments. Segments are created by other Strava users. They are sections of roads, paths or trails where you can track your time against other runner’s along the same section.

When you run a segment, Strava will you give an achievement. They look like the below picture.

The first time you run a segment, it won’t give you an achievement unless you run it twice within your run (eg, back up and run over it again, or run a circular segment multiple times).

Once you have run a segment, Strava will keep track of your times on the segment and give you a PR for your fastest time, a 2nd achievement (silver egg), or 3rd achievement (bronze egg). It is these achievements that make up our Easter Eggs.

Our Easter bunnies are much harder to get. They are the trophies you see in the above image. To get a trophy you must record one of the 10th fastest times on a segment. If you are the fastest person overall on a Segment you will receive the crown (King of the Mountain, Queen of the Mountain) achievement. If you get one of these, enjoy it. It comes with a large dose of achievement and a serve of ego on the side and of course must be shared (electronically of course).

Ok, now you are across what our Eggs and Bunnies look like, its time to go hunting. Log in to Strava, explore your local segments, then set about running them this Easter long weekend and see how many you can gather.

We would love to see your Easter Egg Hunt runs in our Monthly Running Challenges group on Facebook. Please share them with us and let us know how many you can get.

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