Runaway Brides – Mum Runner’s April Running Challenge

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Runaway Brides – Mum Runner’s April Running Challenge

April 1, 2019 - April 30, 2019

Runaway Bride - Mum Runner's April Running Challenge

In April we are going to be Runaway Brides..

Some of our running challenges are serious, and some are a little quirky… I think we can safely say this one falls into the quirky category but hey.. it should be fun!

The Challenge Details:

So what does being a Runaway Bride entail..

Firstly, invite your running friends to join in because every wedding has a guest list or at least a witness..

For weeks 1-3 of April you are required to complete 4 runs a week. So that is 12 runs total before the 21st of April. The runs are:

Something Old:
The “Something Old” is meant to represent continuity, so this run is your current go-to running route that you run all the time, and will continue to run into the future after this challenge has ended.

Something New:
The “Something New” offers optimism for the future. It could be a new route, a new running workout or technique (like galloway if you have never tried it). Whatever it is, it MUST be new to you.

Something Borrowed:
The “Something Borrowed” symbolizes borrowed happiness. For this category of run we are going to borrow someone else’s running route. It could be an event, a parkrun, a weekly group run or similar. If for some reason you cannot participate in any of these, you can use someone else’s Strava segments to incorporate into your run.

Something Blue:
The “Something Blue” stands for purity, love and fidelity. For our something blue category we want you to run by water. It could be the ocean, a lake, a river… if you do not live by any natural bodies of water then you’re going to need to get creative and find something blue to run by.

So they are your runs you need to complete once a week for the first three weeks. In the final week of April we have a few other tasks for you..

The Final Week

Hens Outing:
Aka a girls night out, you can’t be a bride without a hens outing, even if you are going to runaway haha. It can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can actually do this any time in April and its not really running related but its important for our mental health to maintain strong friendships and it does fit in with our theme so please plan some time with the important friends in your life.

This can be any day in our final week of April. You pick the day because every (runaway) bride should have that right. Now on this day… we are going to run faaar away. In fact, you are required to run 2kms further than your longest run this year (2019).

Prize Money:
It will be $5 to enter (cheapest non-wedding ever!)
We will work on a points system with points allocated to each task. If we have a number of runaway brides with equal points at the end of the challenge we will ‘throw the bouquet’ to decide who wins (in other words I will put their names into a hat).

**If you are currently engaged you may wish to assure your lovely fiance this is all just a bit of fun haha**


April 1, 2019
April 30, 2019
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