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MUDblood Runner

July 1, 2019 - July 31, 2019

Let’s go make some Magic

What is a Mudblood?

Mudblood for the average person is a term coined from the popular Harry Potter books. Let’s take a look…

“Mudblood is an insulting term from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The term itself means, dirty blood. The insult is directed towards witches or wizards who are muggle-born, someone with non-magic parents. This term is usually used by haughty pure-bloods, witches or wizards who are of magical descent and consider themselves to be higher up in rank.”

For the purpose of our challenge a Mudblood Runner is someone who doesn’t necessarily have running ‘in their genes’. They may not be the fastest or the most talented runner. It may not come naturally to them. Regardless of this, they are still out there running and giving it a go.

Why “Mudblood” Runner?

Why would you build a challenge around an insulting word?

Well, let me just state that the idea for this challenge came from Sonja Simpson (aka Mudblood Runner). To Sonja, “MUDblood” has a very different meaning. In fact, MUD means a “Matched Unrelated Donor”. Sonja is a Hodgins lymphoma survivor and received a bone marrow donation from a matched unrelated donor.

We are trying to help fundraise for Sonja to help her get to the World Transplant Games in 2019 and hence the name for our challenge MUDblood Runner.

Please watch Sonja’s story here:

With less than 70 days to go before the World Transplant Games, I thought now was a good time to introduce my story. For…

Posted by MUDBlood Running on Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The Challenge Details:

At Mum Runner, we firmly believe if you run, you are a runner. We don’t believe you have to run at a certain pace or cover a certain distance to be classified as a runner. We don’t believe you should “look” a certain way.

Runners come in all shapes and sizes, run at different paces and cover all sorts of distances.

Despite this, we regularly notice, runners labeling their runs as “slow”, or prefixing their runs with “just” this many kms.

Even though WE already think YOU ARE a runner, we want to set you some running tasks or goals to help build your confidence so you can quite happily pronounce you are a runner….“Mudblood and Proud”.

We want to help you build a ‘running resume’ to prove to you that you are a runner.

To do this we are setting you 31 Running Tasks for the month of July. Don’t worry, they are not all runs, we don’t expect you to run every day! Some of them are just for fun, and some of them you will tick off as you do others.. a bit cryptic I know.

We’re not actually going to show you the list until you sign up… (it adds to the fun!)

So my Mudblood Runners.. (or shall I call you Hermione’s for the month of July)… grab your wands (aka your shoes) and let’s go make some magic.

The Rules:

Each task will be worth a point. The runners with the highest points  will be eligible for the prize money. If we have multiple runners on the same highest points we will do a random draw as in the past, unless we have a large prize money pool then we will attempt to split it.

Now… ONE MORE RULE… if we spot in your runs negative self talk.. we will DEDUCT a point. This challenge is all about building confidence for you as a runner and we don’t want negativity. We understand that not every run is a great run but it is still good that you showed up and went and you should commend yourself.

*Please note*

There is no bling for this challenge. This is back to our regular format where we have prize money and a month of fun along the way.

We are fundraising for Sonja, the original MUDblood runner, and so that is why the price is higher than usual so we can help get her to the 2019 World Transplant Games.

At the end of the month you will receive a printable Mudblood and Proud personalised running resume detailing your accomplishments.

Entry and Cost

Entry to this challenge is $10.50 with $5 from each entry going to Sonja and the remaining going to prize money. You can purchase your entry here.


July 1, 2019
July 31, 2019
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