5 Things to See While Running in Loxton, SA

5 Things to See While Running in Loxton, SA

5 Things to See while Running in Loxton, South Australia

by Alison Smith

Loxton is a lovely town on the banks of the River Murray with about 7500 people. It is in South Australia, approximately 250kms from Adelaide.

Things to see while running:


1. Our huge Santa sits at the start of our Main Street welcoming visitors during the lead up to Christmas and over the New Year.

2. Lovely green Pioneer Park through the large medium strip on the highway through town.

3. Another view of the highway through town with it beautiful flowering jacarandas. 

4. The historic rotunda (with its lovely new roof) a great place for Australia Day celebrations and gives a great view of the main shopping strip.

5. The banks of the Murray River

It really is a lovely place to stop and visit if you are heading this way!!!

If you are travelling to Loxton towards to end of the year, be sure to check out the Loxton Lights Festival. It is a month long magical Christmas lights festival with lots of events throughout the month. This year (2018) it runs from the 24th November to the 31st December. The Christmas Wonderland is not to be missed. You can find out more information on their facebook page.



Strava segments in Loxton

There are a few strava segments you might want to run along while running in Loxton.


Strava Segments in Loxton, SA

Strava Segments in Loxton, SA

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