Tips for our May challenge..

Tips for our May challenge..

Here’s our list of tips for “may-king” the most out of our May challenge.

1. If you are using the lip balm for your pics – take some blu-tack – it makes getting photos MUCH easier.
2. If you are using the headband, you can snap a selfie, take it off and place it near the item, or wrap it around your wrist as a sweatband and get it in the photo that way.
3. You might need to engage the help of your friends, the local community or google to find if certain items are in your local area. You must still take the photo yourself with the GMYM in it during a run or walk but you can certainly use the brains trust of others to help you find your items.
4. Familiarize yourself with the list – there are similar items which you should be able to find on certain runs, so save yourself time and energy by knowing whats on the list.
5. Be prepared to explore new areas.
6. Get the kids or family involved – several sets of eyes are better than one and you can walk – just make sure you record the activity on Strava.
7. Use #GMYM#GirlsMaykeYourMove or #GirlsMakeYourMove on your socials to make it more fun. Remember our merchandise was kindly donated to us and I’m sure Girls Make Your Move would love to see what you’re up too in our challenge.

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