Rise of the Quarantines Event Info

Rise of the Quarantines Event Info

Everything you need to know about Rise of the Quarantines

What is it?

Rise of the Quarantines is an Australia wide kilometre battle between the states in September 2020. Every kilometre that you run or walk during the month of September (1st-30th) will go towards your state’s tally. At the end of the month, the state with the most kilometres on the board is declared the winner. The winning state receives 40% of our prize money, with the remaining 60% divided among the rest of the states.

How are kilometres recorded?

We use Strava to get your kilometres. At checkout you were asked to provide a strava athlete link. We look at your personal profile to get the kilometres that you have run/walked for the week and add them to the leaderboard. If you are not on Strava, we required you to send your weekly kms through to us each Sunday so we can add them to our leaderboard.


  1. I’m not a Mum Runner, can I still enter?

Yes, registrations are open to everyone not just mums.

  • I’m not sure what my Strava link is.

You can find your Strava link by logging in to Strava on a computer and clicking on “My Profile”. The link that appears in the browser window is your Strava Athlete link. You can also give us your name EXACTLY as it appears on Strava and we can search for you. You can also follow the Mum Runner strava profile. Our link is: https://www.strava.com/athletes/42421102

  • Do my runs on Strava need to be public?

No they do not. If your account is private, we just need you to accept our follow request and have your run permissions set so that followers can see the runs. The mum runner strava account is used only for verifying kms from our runners.

  • I swim and cycle. Can those kilometres be included?

No, only kilometres recorded on foot will be counted. This includes walks, runs, hikes. Please note the kms should be an actual activity and NOT a step count for the day.

  • I’m not on Strava, what should I do to make sure my kms count?

Please send Mum Runner a screenshot each Sunday from your running app showing your weekly kms. You must show evidence of your runs and not just make up a figure.

  • Can I check my kilometres?

Yes. We produce weekly leaderboards from Monday – Sunday each week of the challenge. These are posted on our Facebook page. You can check your kms each week. If they are wrong, please notify us by Facebook messenger and we will correct them.

  • Do I need to submit any sort of proof at the end of the challenge to receive my medal?

No, medals will be automatically posted to everyone who has registered.

  • When will medals be dispatched?

They will be posted at the end of September/early October. You will receive an email notification when your medal is posted provided you gave us the correct email at sign up. Sometimes our emails end up in Junk/Social folders so please check those before contacting us.

  • My kids are entered and aren’t on Strava. How do I provide their kms?

Please send Mum Runner a message each week stating their kms. You will need to keep track of their kms and which runs they joined you on.

  1. Will there be titles and weekly challenges?

Yes! These will be posted on our facebook page each week and in our Monthly Challenges group. Please keep your eye on our social pages to be involved. Please follow our Mum Runner page: https://www.facebook.com/mumrunnerformumsthatrun

  1. Do you have a facebook group?

Yes, our monthly challenges groups is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/433736594025474

There are also individual state groups you can join to discuss strategy and help keep your team motivated.

  1. Prize Money

The prize money will be divided as follows. 40% of the donation amount to the winning state based on TOTAL kms. The remaining 60% will be divided as a percentage of your states kms against the overall kms of the remaining states so the more you run, the bigger that % will be and the bigger the amount your state hospital will receive.

  1. Which hospitals benefit?

ACT: Canberra Hospital

NSW: Sydney Children’s Hospital Network

NT: Darwin Hospital

QLD: Brisbane Children’s Hospital

SA: Woman & Children’s Hospital

TAS: Royal Hobart Hospital

VIC: Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital

WA: Perth Children’s Hospital

  1. When are leaderboards posted?

We try to have leaderboards finalized each Monday for you to check the previous week’s kms. If you are sending screenshots please be prompt each Sunday so we can ensure they are included.

  1. I have an issue with my kms, what should I do?

Please message Mum Runner on facebook and we will fix it.

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