RIBBIT #1 Medal Display

RIBBIT #1 Medal Display

Welcome to our first RIBBIT blog post.

What on earth is RIBBIT? We’re glad you asked!

RIBBIT stands for Runner’s Isolation Boredom Bustering Ideas and Tasks. It’s a bit of a mouthful and we will admit we’re better at running than we are at creating acronyms.

We’ve brainstormed some ideas that you can do whilst isolating at home. All of them have a running theme. Each week we will give you a new RIBBIT for you to engage in over the week if you choose.


Work on a Medal Display Board

This was inspired by our Park Fun prize this week which happens to be a medal display hanger of your choice from our sponsor Display Medal Hangers.

You work hard for your medals and we believe they shouldn’t be stashed in a box somewhere or discarded in a drawer.

There are literally hundreds of ways for you to display your medals.

You could choose to buy a ready-made hanger or make and design your own. If you’re going to make your own you can jump on sites like Pinterest for some inspiration or ask in one of our Mum Runner facebook running groups and see what other runners have.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great looking medal hanger.

K-Mart inspired medal boards.

Kmart have some great, cheap bases that you can use for a medal hanger.

Their DIY Letter Boards (check your local facebook marketplace) are great for including your favourite running quote or PBs. You can add some hooks to the frame for your medals and bibs.

The Kmart wire memo boards (about $8) are also great for hanging medals onto. You simply loop the medal through the ribbon onto the frame. You can pin your bibs onto these as well.

Likewise you could add some hooks onto a blackboard, or cork board for a similar affect.

It’s amazing what you can find to hang your medals on. Our Mum Runner ambassador Marian uses a curtain rod to hang her medals (see the second pic below). Likewise, you could re-purpose an old broom handle, a towel rail or any other similar item.

I asked my Mum Runner Ambassadors to share their medal displays for some inspiration.

Consider, where is the best to place to put your medal display. In my home, I have my medals hanging in my bedroom. This is largely because my children love to play with them and touch them. Having them in my room keeps them from going walk about!

Of course, the down side of this is they’re not on display in my home for others to see (once we are out of self isolation).

Already have your medals displayed?

Perhaps you can work on a new board for displaying your personal best times. You could include your 5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon times. You could also include your parkrun PB if you’re a parkrunner.

We would love to see your medal display. Please share it with us on facebook or tag us in your socials #ribbit1 #mumrunner

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