Ready to Charge

Ready to Charge

6 Things to prepare for our Charge March challenge

To make the most out of our March Charge Virtual Running Challenge there are a few things you should do before the beginning of March.

  1. Register for the March Charge and set your km goal for the month as we are allocating 10 challenge points to achieving this goal. Remember it should be something that challenges you.
  2. Look through your Strava best estimated efforts under your Strava profile. You may find you have some bogus activities in there affecting your PBs from accidentally recording a car trip or incorrectly recording a ride as a run. As you want to have the best opportunity at achieving your PBs this month, you might want to click into any of these activities that you identify and either delete them, trim them (to before you jumped in your car!) or set them as the correct activity type (eg ride).
  3. Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the challenge. You can read them in the event post.
  4. Please familiarize yourself with our scoring system for the challenge as you will be required to score your eligible runs. These are:
    A gold medal for Strava Segments will be worth 3 points, a silver medal 2 points and a bronze medal 1 point.
    For a gold medal in your personal efforts we will be awarding 6 points, a silver medal 4 points and a bronze medal 2 points.
  5. As we earn points off achieving PBs on Strava segments you should explore the segments in your local area or where you regularly run on the Strava website or mobile app. If you want to give yourself the opportunity at more points you may wish to run in new areas and pick up new segments. The first time you run a segment it will not record as a PB so you will need to run it again (and faster!) to record a PB. It may be worth running slowly over new Strava segments in the remaining days of February to set yourself up for medals in March.
  6. If you explore the Strava segments in your area and there aren’t many, you can easily create some from your previous runs. Whilst I’m not suggesting you go segment crazy, you can certainly add some new segments to Strava on routes you regularly run. It may even encourage other runners in your area to seek them out. Check out this article for how to create your own segments.

If you have any other questions relating to our challenge please ask them in our facebook group or send a message to Mum Runner through our facebook page.

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