Game of Zones – Everything you Need to Know

Game of Zones – Everything you Need to Know

There are a lot of questions regarding our Game of Zones challenges and with the rise of each House and Army the facebook group is getting busier with sigils, war cries and fighting words (which is great by the way but a little confusing for new comers).

So here is your Game of Zones guide.. everything you need to know. This post may evolve as Houses continue to sort themselves out.

General Information

1.Where do I sign up for Game of Zones and how do I join my House?

You sign up through our website at the below link. There is no other sign up links so please don’t pay or register elsewhere. During the sign up process it will ask you to select your House. Once you have selected the correct House your name will go onto your House list and your kms will tally towards them.


2. What is the Game of Zones challenge?

The Game of Zones is a battle between runners across the different states of Australia (or Overseas if you want to join in), to see which state can run the most kms during June. At the end of June we tally up the kms ran, and whichever state has the most against their name is declared the winner.
Everyone will receive a medal that enters regardless of your kms.
There is a component of our entry fee that makes up the charitable donation. The beneficiary of this will be the children’s hospital from each state. The winning state will receive that money as a donation to their hospital.
The purpose of the challenge is to help keep you active over Winter when the temptation is to stop training over the cooler months and during the bad weather. Everyone that registers will receive a Game of Zones medal at the end of the challenge.


3. How do you track my KMs for the Game of Zones?

Through our Game of Zones Strava group which is here: If you don’t use Strava you are welcome to provide proof of your kms through another running app but you must let us know up front so we can track you and keep in touch. You can send these via messenger to the Mum Runner facebook page: or to our email address Due to the administration required to track all our runners we would PREFER you used Strava.


4. You’re “Mum Runner” so does that mean only Mum Runner’s can enter?

No, this challenge is open to men and women. If you run and you can track your kms, you can enter our challenge.


5. Why is Strava already tracking KMs when its not June yet?

Because the Strava club is a regular club and is operating as it should. We are just using it as a means to track you all because it is FREE and doesn’t require you to own a running watch. The leaderboards that count will be the ones that we produce and share with you all using the data from Strava.


6. The leaderboard on Strava doesn’t have my correct KMs. Help!

This could be because of several reasons… firstly it could be your privacy settings restricting your data from showing up in clubs and leaderboards. Secondly, it could be because you are recording your activity as a “walk” or an “activity” instead of a run. Only KMs that you have told strava are “runs” will show up in the leaderboard.


7. Do my treadmill runs count?

Yes, providing you can show proof of them. Eg photograph of the treadmill or your running watch that you were wearing during the treadmill run. Many running watches support a treadmill/indoor run. If your watch doesn’t sync indoor runs to Strava you may do a manual entry but you MUST provide proof of the run with a photograph or heart rate data.


8. Where is the Strava group for my House?

There isn’t one UNLESS your House leader has set one up. We are using ONE STRAVA GROUP for all competitors and that is where you must join for us to see your KMs.


9. Our army is too small, what can we do to be competitive?

You have three options… recruit more runners, run more kms with your existing runners or form an alliance with another House. Alliances can only be formed by the House Leaders and must be agreed upon by both Houses leaders. If you form an alliance, and are successful in winning, the prize money will be divided between your Houses. It is up to your leaders to negotiate the terms of the alliance. It may not be a 50/50 split. It might be a 60/40 split, 70/30 split etc depending on how many runners you are bringing to the alliance. This must be agreed upon UP FRONT so there is not arguing over the donation.


10. What are the “Titles” I have read about?

There will be titles up for grabs during our June challenge:

The Morning King or Queen – the runner that runs the most KMs from a losing House during the month of June. There can only be one king/queen – not both.

The Prince/Princess that was Promised – the runner that runs the most KMs from the winning House during the month of June. Again, there can only be one Prince or Princess.

Samwell Tarly – the Samwell Tarly’s of the Game of Zones, may not be considered the typical ‘heroes’ or ‘heroines’ of the battle but they will hold the key to defeating Winter. Their consistent approach to running will put your House in a good position to reign.

To be eligible for this title you must run a minimum of:

  • 1st – 2nd June 5km
  • 3rd – 9th June 20km
  • 10th – 16th 20km
  • 17th – 23rd 20km
  • 24-30th – 20km

Dracarys – In case you don’t speak High Valyrian, dracarys means dragon fire and it’s the next of our titles that you can earn.
To earn dracarys you will need to be on fire during June and record a run or walk every day.

Dragon Titles:

Viserion – this goes to the runner that records the fastest 5km during the month of June. The onus is on the runners to submit proof of their 5km run if they want to be eligible.

Rhaegal – this goes to the runner that records the fastest 10km during the month of June. The onus is on the runners to submit proof of their 10km run if they want to be eligible.

Drogon – this goes to the runner that records the fastest half-marathon during the month of June. The onus is on the runners to submit proof of their 21.1km run if they want to be eligible.


11. Why are runners changing their Strava names to include their army names and do I have to?

The army names helps other runners to know which army you are running for when they see your KMs on Strava. No you do not have to change your name, that is up to you.


12. I’m not from Australia but I want to join. Can I?

Yes, you can enter as a Wildling. You will have to message Mum Runner directly for a cost as the postage will be higher to post your medal overseas. As a wildling you can influence the battle however you like and offer your KMs to whichever House you choose. Please keep in mind our Game of Zones medal has a somewhat Australian theme to it so if this bothers you please don’t sign up.


13. I don’t watch Game of Thrones, does that matter?

No it doesn’t matter, it just means a lot of the references or images won’t mean anything to you which is fine. You can still run and help your state win a donation to their children’s hospital.


14. How much is the charitable donation?

It depends on how many sign ups we get. The more we get the larger the donation. It is approximately $5 per entrant.


15. What are the hospitals that are in the running to receive the donation?

  • House Australian Capital Territory: Centenary Hospital for Women and Children
  • House New South Wales: Sydney Children’s Hospital Network
  • House Northern Territory: Royal Darwin Hospital
  • House Queensland: Queensland Children’s Hospital
  • House South Australia: Women and Children’s Hospital
  • House Tasmania: Royal Hobart Hospital
  • House Victoria: The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne
  • House Western Australia: Perth Children’s Hospital

16. How often will leaderboards be posted?

We will post House leaderboards once a week. The weeks will go from Monday to Sunday.

17. How can I recruit for my army?

You can share the event from our website, the facebook event or the facebook group page. We also have a youtube video that you can share.

House Information

House Australian Capital Territory

House Australian Capital Territory’s army is called the BarACTheons, known for their many leaders.


House New South Wales

If you are running for House New South Wales your army is known as the New South Warriors and your war cry is “Not Today… we have coffee!”. Your sigil is a coffee cup and your mascot is Arya. Your House Leader is Leonie Wyatt-Lyons. You also have a separate facebook group for secret House business..

Your leader has set up a Strava group as well but this is not in replacement of our overall group:

House Northern Territory

House Northern Territory is known as the Kingdom of the North and their battle cry is The North Remembers. They do not have a House leader as yet. If you want to join their House group on facebook you can find it at:


House Queensland

House Queensland your army is known as the Queenslannisters. Your war cry is yet to be decided but “Winter is never coming” has been suggested due to your climate. You have a co-leadership between Sam Palmer and Katie Pilcher. Your facebook page is:


House South Australia

House South Australia, you are running for SAnsa’s Army. Your House leader is Dani O’Bryan and your House facebook page is:


House Tasmania

If you are running for House Tasmania your army is known as the
TASgaryens. Your war cry is Aheshke warriors ha the qazer Isle , which incase you don’t speak Dothraki means Winter warriors from the Apple Isle.  Your House leader is Tina Crellin. Your facebook house page is:


House Victoria

If you are running for House Victoria your army is known as the VICtorious. Your war cry is “Everyone who isnt Victorian is an enemy ” Your House leader is Rita Busuttil. You also have a separate facebook group for all secret House business:


House Western Australia

If you are running for House Western Australia your army is known as the WAnsullied. Your war cry is “Winterfell but WA will Rise”. Your sigil is the Swan. Your House leader is Cassie Hughes.


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    WA should have been WestEros Australia.

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