#Discipline in Action!

It’s great to have you on board for our January #discipline running challenge. We’re super excited that you have signed up and pledged your running goal.. now we want to see you achieve it!

To kick things off we have created an event for you to commit to a run on the 1st of January.
You can find it on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/255654176672261

We want each of you to earn your #discipline running top and to see you wearing it for the rest of the year as a reminder to yourself that you CAN achieve the goals you set for yourself. While you’re going to have to do the hard work and demonstrate discipline we have listed some steps below to help you on your way to a successful month. 

#Discipline Steps to Success:


1. State your running goal publicly!
Yes you have sent me your running goal but there is accountability in putting it out there in the public domain. Post it in one of our running groups, put it on your personal timeline or Instagram, tell your friends or your partner. You can use and edit our image below if you like.

2. Understand what your goal looks like on a practical level.
Some of you have listed big numbers. It is helpful to do the math and know what this looks like on a daily or weekly basis so you don’t get behind and find yourself scrambling to do big numbers at the end of the month. This can be a recipe for injury and we don’t want that!

So for example, if you have pledged 200km for the month this is 6.45km a day or 45.15km a week. If you pledged 100km the numbers will be half of that. Some of you have pledged 31km or 62km so I assume some of you are going to try to do a kilometre or two each day which is nice and easy to remember.

We have received all sorts of pledges. Remember we are all on our own individual journey and our goals may look different to each other’s and that’s ok! 

3. Make a plan!
They say a failure to plan is a plan to fail. January is typically a busy month with children on school holidays and juggling family, holidays and work commitments so it’s always a good idea to plan your runs for the week. I like to do my planning on a Sunday night so I can think of the week ahead and the best time and days to fit in my running plans. 

We have developed a couple of plans below if you want to use them. You can download the file at the bottom of this page.

4. Celebrate your progress!
When you complete a walk or run towards your January goal we encourage you to share it and celebrate it. The speed or distance aren’t important. Progress is progress and we believe it should be celebrated. 





1. All kilometres completed on foot count towards your January goal so you can certainly include walking in your kilometre tally.
2. Treadmill runs count towards your tally. Please take a photo of your treadmill if your running watch doesn’t track treadmill runs.
3. If you complete your goal before the month is finished, please let us know so we can ship your singlet to you.
4. If something unexpected comes up like an injury, surgery, isolation or a family emergency please let us know. Our desire is for all of you to achieve your goal and receive the #discipline top but we understand sometimes circumstances arise. If this happens and you need to revise your goal please get in touch.
5. The Mum Runner office will be closed from 1st Jan to the 11th of Jan however we will do our best to respond to messages and emails. If you have a question you need answered quickly please post in our Monthly Running Challenges Group and our team of ambassadors will be able to help, or one of our helpful community members! 

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Discipline Daily and Weekly Running Plans:

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