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Last updated 31st October. If the Strava field is missing it is because it wasn’t provided to us at registration. The list is sorted by state and then alphabetically by name. Current donation amount is $3360.

KM Based Titles

Optional Running Challenges to complete over the month to earn yourself a title

  1. The impassable –  “Simply impassable, nothing is impossible” – Run or walk every day during November
  2. Down the rabbit hole – complete a run on the 1st of November
  3. Drink Me –  Complete a short run or walk no greater than 3km
  4. Eat me: Complete a long run or walk of 15km or more
  5. Quite a turn – “one good turn deserves another”. Complete a run with at least 2 turns in it.
  6. Yes your majesty – “turn out your legs, open your mouth and say yes your majesty” The Queen desires to see some Strava art of a regal nature. Draw some strava art on one of your runs.
  7. Off with their head! – fail to run or walk for more than 7 days in a row
  8. Tulgey Wood – complete a trail run
  9. Dreadfully Dark – run at night
  10. Absolem very good or wretched? – complete a run with 300m elevation (Absolem is 3 inches tall which he believes “is a very good height indeed” although Alice believes it to be a wretched height)
  11. Deck of cards – shuffle a deck of cards and pull out a card. Run the number on the card and take a photo of an item during the run for the corresponding suit. If you don’t have a deck of cards use an online one ( Suit photos: Hearts: something red, Club: a building that belongs to a club (eg sports club), Spades: something interesting in a garden, Diamonds: something rare or unusual.
  12. Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum – run with a friend (furbabies count)
  13. Tea party – run with a group or at an event
  14. Mad Hatter Run – Run 10.6km precisely
  15. Unbirthday Run – Celebrate your unbirthday with a run in the morning and a post run coffee or tea.
  16. Paint the roses red “Not pink, not green, not aquamarine, we’re painting the roses red” Complete a run wearing something red. Do not wear pink, green or aquamarine!
  17. Who in the world? – “‘Who in the world am I?’ Ah, that’s the great puzzle!” Take a selfie of yourself while running.
  18. Wander – “Not all who wander are lost !”  Run a familiar or regular route
  19. Golden afternoon – Run in the afternoon
  20. Dodo Run – “round and round we go until forever more”. Run laps around a lake or body of water..
  21. White Rabbit Run – don’t be late! Run at 5pm (or 12:25pm) depending on how you read the watch
  22. Eat the Mushroom – Which side of the mushroom will you eat? One side makes you big, the other makes you small. Choose to go big and run 21.1 km in one go, or small and do it over 4 days.
  23. The Lizard – Your the Lizard with a ladder sent to take care of the monster – Incorporate stairs into your run.
  24. Impossible Things – “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast” Before starting the challenge, set 6 goals for the month and achieve them
  25. Mile high – “I’m not a mile high, and I’m not leaving” said Alice to the Queen. Run a mile and beat your time before the end of the challenge
  26. Any Road – “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there” – Run somewhere new
  27. Ive changed since then – “I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then” – run twice in one day wearing different outfits
  28. A different person – “It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” – Run further than yesterday

Weekly Challenges for $100 bonus donation money

Week 1 Challenge 1st to 5th November: Down the Rabbit Hole – Runners must complete an activity on the 1st of November, as well as complete a minimum of 25kms from the 1st to the 5th of November to be considered down the rabbit hole. The state with the highest percentage of runners who meet this criteria will win week 1.

Week 2 Challenge 6th to 12th November: Good Advice – Alice said “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it”. In week 2 Mum Runner’s good advice is to run or walk as much as possible because the state with the highest average kms will win this challenge.

Week 3 Challenge 13th to 19th November: Which Way from here? “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat. “I don’t much care where-” said Alice. “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat. In week 3 we don’t mind where you go, as long as you go somewhere each day. The state with the highest percentage or runners who run or walk every day will win week 3s challenge. The walk or run must be a minimum of 3km.

Week 4 Challenge (ten days) 20th to 30th November: Save your Head! The Queen of Hearts wants to behead you. In order to escape you must run or walk a deck of cards (52kms) from the 20th to the 30th. The team with the highest percentage of runners who run 52kms or more over these 10 days will win this challenge.

The winners of each weekly challenge will be announced on Facebook.

Runderland Leaderboard

Amy Kemp ACT
Amy Thomas ACT
Ann Singal ACT
Ash Singal ACT
Bek Milne ACT
Erin Rhodes ACT
Erin Rhodes ACT
Hayley Cuttle ACT
Heather Bundy ACT  
Helen Brinsmead ACT
James stanford ACT
Judith Bibo ACT
Keighley Bowman-Derrick ACT
Lewis Kemp ACT
Merran Coulter ACT
Michael Obrien ACT
Peter Lovett ACT
Pirmin Stierli ACT
Rebecca stanford: ACT
Samantha Ashen ACT
Zoe Stanford ACT
Amanda Archer NSW
Annwen Wallace NSW
Bernadette Coppock NSW
Christina Kilminster NSW
Debbi Sherwood NSW  
Fiona Buchtmann NSW
Gemma Jenkins NSW
Greg Bisset NSW
Jenna King NSW
Jennifer Van Spanje NSW
Jess Peake NSW  
Judith Bibo NSW
Laura Marsh NSW
Louise Roberts NSW
Merinda BuItEndag NSW
Naomi Viret NSW
Natalie Woods NSW
Nicole Price NSW
Rebecca Campbell NSW
Sharon Sonter NSW
Tami Foxman NSW
Tammy Kimpton NSW
Jess Thorning NT
Karen Strong NT
Louise Ruhl NT
Nikeeta oSullivan NT
Robby Collins NT
Sharyn Morcom NT
Suzanne Otto NT
Taya Petsheny NT
Alana Hogan QLD
Alannah Himberg QLD
Allison Stevens QLD
Amanda Hodgkinson QLD
Belinda Jacobson QLD
Bronwyn Hextell QLD
Carren Nicolson QLD
Cass Underwood QLD
Corinna Browne QLD
Crystal Gubecka QLD
Darlene bowen QLD
Donna Campbell QLD submitting manually
Donna Shipley QLD
Elise Roestad QLD
Elizabeth Neville QLD
Emma Dickens QLD
Fat to 5km QLD
Frankie Taylor QLD
Gemma Corey QLD
Helen Smale QLD
Jaci Brand QLD
Jayme Leonard QLD
Jayne de Luca QLD
Jennifer Neville QLD  
Karen Ball QLD
Katharine Searle QLD
Kathy Ireland QLD
Kelly McKinlay QLD
Kimberly Teale QLD  
Kirsty Mawer QLD
Kristy Stewart QLD
Lea Jakupovic QLD
Leisa Green QLD
Leisa Small QLD
Liz Hannan QLD
Lizanne Kenworthy QLD
LouisE Clare QLD
Mel Reber QLD
Meredith Lee QLD
Nicole Peever QLD
Rebecca Offord QLD  
Rhonda Palmer QLD  
Roberta Winters QLD
Robyn Greaves QLD
Sam Ilsley QLD
Sarah Moorcroft QLD
Stacey Robertson QLD
Sue Nesbitt QLD
Tara Wakefield QLD
Tayla Campbell QLD submitting manually
Tracy Hess QLD
Tricia Stewart QLD
Zoe Arnold QLD
Zoe Bremner QLD
Alison Smith SA
Amanda Stephenson SA
Amelie Chapman SA
Cheryl McGovern SA
Dani O’Bryan SA
Diana Kearney SA
Jo Eaton SA
Marian Hodson SA
Marian van Antwerpen SA
Meagan Le Riche SA
Michelle Roberts SA
Sally Smith SA
Tamas lorincz SA
Vanessa Pollitt SA
Aleece Scott TAS
Allison Rolls TAS
Allison Saunders TAS
Anne Smalley TAS
Belinda Rees TAS
Carol Turner TAS
Debbie Williams TAS
Elizabeth Jones TAS
Eloise Bosveld TAS
Emma Eadie TAS
Emma Fraser TAS
Feli cIty Hoy TAS
Gemma Merrick TAS
Jannine Charlwood TAS
Jo Morrisson TAS
Joanne Stolp TAS
Karen Camino TAS
Katie Lachman TAS
Kelly Lovell TAS
Krista dennis TAS
Leanne Montgomery TAS
Linda Spink TAS
Lisa McCarthy TAS
Loretta Turner TAS
Lynn Young TAS
Melanie Poole TAS
Mo Donnellon TAS  
Nicola Tilyard TAS
Nicole Grey TAS
Pauline Benson TAS
Peter Diggins TAS
Petra Hinds TAS
Polly Ben TAS
Racheal Hodge TAS
Rachel Wise TAS  
Ruth Orr TAS
Sara Hooper TAS
Sharon Wilson TAS
Suhasini Ratnagobal: TAS
Tamsyn Ball TAS
Taryn Boden TAS
Telina Selwyn TAS
Tess Bonde TAS
Tina Crellin TAS
Amanda Canfield VIC  
Amanda Heitmann VIC
Anna Raddino VIC
Bec Van der Heyden VIC
beth Jones VIC
Cameron Wootton VIC
Carly Antonello VIC
Carmen Drake VIC
Carolyn Barnard VIC
Cass Low VIC
Cheryl Calder VIC
Chris Wootton VIC
Di Hine VIC
Donna Markwick VIC
Emily Dimevski VIC
Erin Hardman VIC
Florence DiSanto VIC
Gemma Berry VIC
Harminder Singh VIC
Heather Ackland VIC
Jenna Robinson VIC
Jennifer Sutton VIC
Jude Tuttleby VIC
Julie Bolton VIC
Kathryn Hunt VIC
Lessa Woodhead VIC Submitting manually
Lisa De Petro VIC
Lucy Whitney VIC
Lynne Olinsky-Jones VIC
Maigen Wass VIC
Mandy Hansford VIC
Maria Dienes VIC  
Maria Tams VIC
Mel Rylance VIC
Melina Dieni VIC
Melissa Debnam VIC  
Melissa Falvey VIC  
Monica Summer VIC
Naomi Laughton VIC TBA – shivaugn second entry
Nathan Barwick VIC
Nikki Weston VIC  
Patricia McAskil VIC
Rachael Maddock VIC
Rachael Marshall VIC
Rachel King VIC
Rhonda Johnson VIC
Rita Busuttil VIC
Samantha Gubiani VIC
Sarah Dakos VIC
Sarah McKay VIC
Sharon Quick VIC
Sharon Reardon VIC
Sharyn runciman VIC
Shelley Giles VIC
Shelley Moore VIC
Shivaugn Barclay VIC
Stacy heywood VIC
Thanh Nguyen VIC
Wendy Claughton VIC  
Wendy Dunstan VIC
Alison Booth WA
Allison Hunter WA
Amanda Gurgone WA
Anne Peters WA
Anne-Marie Morris WA
Carlie Sumich WA
Caroline Clark WA  
Cassie Britton WA
Cheryl Landers WA
Chloe Richards WA
Christelle Wyatt WA
Christine Lison WA
Christine Taylor WA
Crystal Glossop WA
Dee Kelly WA  
Diana Bagnall WA
Donna Kirkham WA
Eddie Brennan WA
Evie Sutomo WA
Felicity Kermode WA
Gary Wilmot WA
Gaye Elwell WA
Glenys Kerr WA
Heather Mead WA
Imogen Fielding WA
Jasmine Ross-Parker WA
Jenelle Little WA
Jerry Peters WA
Joanne OConnor WA
Joanne Oosterhoff WA
Kara-lee Turnham WA
Karyn Connell WA
Kate Ashfaq WA
Kate Dzienis WA
Kim Swan WA
Kimberley Clifton WA
Kimiko Holder WA
Kristine Sumption-Hall WA
Laura Rickards WA
Lea van Rensburg WA
Leah Corrie WA
Lin Huang WA  
Linda Phillips WA
Liz Pattinson WA
Lyndel Weare WA
Lynette Milne WA
Margie Hadley WA
Marianne Van dam WA
Marie De Cinque WA
Marlene Malesic WA
Megan Brand WA
Mel Loermans WA
Melissa Donovan WA
Michaela Newman WA
Michelle Dunham WA
Michelle Gardiner WA
Nic Dg WA
Nigel Landers WA
Paula McFaul WA
PiA Coverley WA
Rebecca Vance WA
Rebekah Blake WA
Rhonda batley WA
Sally de Koning WA
Sandra Levis WA
Sandy Whitmarsh WA
Sarah Beck WA  
Sarah Dyer WA
Sharon Young WA
Stef Hayward WA
Susan Loermans WA
Suzi Moore WA
Tamara Hawkey: WA
Tanya Crowther WA
Tegan Durbridge WA
Trisha Griffiths WA
Veronica Noonan WA
Wendy Grace WA