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Mum Runner is a virtual running company based in Australia. Our virtual runs support Australian charities with a portion of our registration fees donated directly to the charity. We love to provide running motivation to runners through our virtual runs and monthly running challenges. Our goal is to bring you a new virtual run each month, and to make running fun and inclusive for everyone.

Our virtual runs differ month to month, from a single distance run, to a monthly distance goal, to various different runs and objectives over the month to keep you motivated. Our challenges are accessible to all fitness levels and it doesn’t matter if you are a walker, just starting your running journey or are a seasoned runner.

At Mum Runner we believe in making our virtual runs affordable, whilst still providing high quality running medals and fun challenges to keep you motivated and running. We have a wonderful supportive group of runners in our Facebook groups, where we encourage people to share their runs and progress throughout the month. Our two main groups are our Monthly Running Challenges Group, where we admin our virtual runs, and our Mum Runners Running Challenge Ladies Group, for women only.

Although our name is Mum Runner, we welcome all runners into our community and virtual runs. You don’t need to be a “mum” or even a woman. We regularly have men and children join in our challenges.

At least once a year, we like to host our big Australia wide state vs state running competition. This is always a very popular running challenge and has proven great motivation to runners both in Australia and overseas. We often see runners achieve personal bests distances over the month and receive very positive feedback regarding how encouraging and motivation these challenges are.



What is a virtual run?

Unlike a physical event, where you have a set date, time and location, a virtual run is a run which you complete in your own time, on a day and at a location that suits you. A virtual run still has a required distance, or set of objectives which you must complete, it is just far more flexible as to when and how you complete it! Our virtual runs, like many physical events, also raise money for various charities and organisations throughout Australia.

Below is a list of upcoming Mum Runner Virtual Runs:

How Many Ways Can You 5k?

The Running Tribe: Do More in 2024


Final Battle Force Results

Here are the final results for our May Battle Force challenge, our KM Battle between Team APF and Team ADF. The final results are in favour of Team APF with a total of 7986.61kms. Team ADF finished with 7043.1km. Congratulations to all our runners. Runner Team 1st to 5th 6th – 12th 13th – 19th […]

battle force leaderboards

Here are the leaderboards for week 4 of Battle Force Runner Team 1st to 5th 6th – 12th 13th – 19th 20th – 26th 27th – 31st Total To Date Lynette Milne Police 117.2 150.8 159.1 152.6 579.7 Debbi Sherwood Defence 55.5 84.5 87 105 332 Petra Hinds Defence 55.8 60 61.7 100 277.5 Ruth […]

Runderland final leaderboard

Here are the final standings for our Runderland state vs state challenge. We had 313 runners who ran a total of 43423.05km. This is an average of 138.7km. I believe this may be our highest average yet from our state vs state challenges. Thank you to everyone who got involved. The final positions of the […]

Team WA – Runderland

Fun facts.. WA had the largest team with 81 runners. They had a runner who achieved “Total Nonsense”(running 200km) in a single day which was Margie Hadley with 272.77km on the 17th of November. They had 22 runners who ran over 200kms which was 27% of their team. WA is this year’s winner of our […]



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